Le Marmiton, caterer and pastry shop: How to seize opportunities

Le Marmiton

The business was founded in 2001 and bought in April 2016 by Jo-Annie Coté. Designer by training, her passion is cooking. In her free time, this self-taught entrepreneur was running the CHOCO.Vanille pastry shop when she learned on Facebook that the owner of Le Marmiton, Karine Dubé, wanted to pass the torch. Though she wanted to become her own boss, Jo-Annie was apprehensive, which she shared with Karine during a meeting. The latter told her that anything can be learned in life, and Jo-Annie decided to embark on the adventure.

nce the acquisition, in addition to maintaining her regular catering service (cocktail menu, lunch boxes, and hot and cold buffets), she has integrated the pastry component. All her pastries—cakes and cupcakes personalized for each event—are home made with fresh ingredients, are first rate, and contain no preservatives. For the past year, following high demand, Le Marmiton has also had a range of home-made meals. Meals from the catering menu are available in generous portions to go! For the past six months, Jo-Annie has been testing a corporate component where every week, she delivers various frozen prepared meals to a business in the region, where she concessions them. Employees can therefore enjoy an excellent alternative to commercial sandwich vending machines. If the trial is successful, other businesses could benefit from this service. Jo-Annie is proud to be able to count on a team of five employees, some of whom are members of her family.

Owing to the CAE’s support for small businesses run by women and indigenous people, Jo-Annie had access to Amélie Dubois’s business development services for realizing a complete communication plan. This assistance enabled her to have a better overall vision of her business and of her aspirations. Jo-Annie still has plenty of ideas and projects to develop, and one of her dreams is to open a gourmet sandwich shop on Principale Street in Granby.

The table is set for the future!



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