Alain Lecavalier

Alain Lecavalier

Alain Lecavalier

Career and Personal Paths

From a family of entrepreneurs and decision-makers, Alain quickly realized that consulting and coaching were for him. As the son of an accomplished businessman and as a father of three grown sons of his own, he is particularly interested in family businesses and SMEs. He holds a Ph.D. in psychology (psychometrics), defines himself as a business advisor, and particularly enjoys assisting businesses in peculiar or particularly complex situations. Thanks to his 20 years’ experience as a coach, he finds tailor-made solutions for all his clients and takes pleasure in helping them set up the keys to success they choose. Energetic and enthusiastic, Alain is active in his domain, particularly through his involvement at BNI (as a former president of the Granby section and as the current director-consultant for Montérégie), on the Board of Trade, and at many charitable organizations in Haute-Yamaska.

Why I Became an Entrepreneur or Administrator

Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle and way of thinking. Surrounded by entrepreneurs (family and friends), I would not know how to live other than as the head of my own business (which was founded by my father and mentor in 1995). 

Why I Am a Mentor

Giving back is a leitmotif that has always worked for successful businesspeople. Having benefited from a “natural mentor,” my father, myself, I believe that all entrepreneurs can benefit from the support and guidance of a mentor. Being able to confide in someone, reveal one’s problems and solutions, and discuss one’s plans and projects is essential in the life of any entrepreneur. Mentors are there to meet their needs.

My Guiding Values

At the risk of sounding cliché, honesty and integrity are values that have always guided me. These values entail a great deal of transparency and rigour. With me, say goodbye to tripe and indecision. In my consulting and coaching business, I promote an approach that puts the relationship before the transaction. This is how I carry out all of my activities.

My Passions and Interests

I am an avowed epicurean, a lover of good food and wines, and an intellectual. Talk to me about the last books you read or the last concert you went to, and it will impassion me. As a former sports writer (during my studies), I am interested in almost all sports (football, baseball, hockey, soccer, etc.), but also in practising them (golf, sailing, and tennis, for example).

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