Since September 2015, the CAE Haute-Yamaska et région has been responsible for the cellule de Mentorat pour entrepreneurs et intrapreneurs Granby et région.


Mentorship develops entrepreneur's full potential

The cell is overseen by Réseau M, which provides support in the form of a code of ethics, retraining for mentors, and a recognition program highlighting their involvement as volunteers. Réseau M is also a community of mentored entrepreneurs that offers an opportunity for business development throughout the Francophonie.


  • Mentees can come out of the isolation that entrepreneurs often experience
  • Mentors listen and question
  • Mentors restructure problems experienced by mentees
  • Mentors help identify possible solutions
  • Mentors encourage and motivate
  • Mentors share their critical thinking
  • Mentors provide feedback on entrepreneurs’ attitudes
  • Mentors share their experience by giving examples
  • Exchanges are kept confidential

For more information

Danie Hallé
Mentorship coordinator
450 378-2294 #228

Becoming a mentor or a mentoree interests you?

For more information, contact :

Danie Hallé, Business consultant and mentorship coordinator
450 378-2294 #228

The cellule de Mentorat is grateful to it’s partner: