Philippe Payen

Philippe Payen

Philippe Payen

Career and Personal Paths

After earning a B.A. in bacteriology and biochemistry, I attended the école hôtelière de Paris. Over a period of more than 30 years, I occupied several different positions in various areas of the restaurant business, from fine cuisine (groupe FLO, la coupole, and le pied de cochon) to new areas of the restaurant business. In this sector, I was in charge of the Pizza Hut in Paris, which had the most sales at the time. I helped to launch the first Pizza Hut delivery service in France. Then, I independently ran three restaurants in Marseille and Maubeuge. Once I had returned to Belgium, I worked for the SOGEREST Belgium Group, a chicken restaurant chain similar to KFC, and a Boston steak house serving Argentinian steak. I owned four of these franchises and handled the openings and management in South Africa and China.

I now live in Granby and run two C’EST BELGE restaurants. I also launched English tea at the Miner Farm and LE RESTAURANT, as some may remember.

Why I Became an Entrepreneur or Administrator

Out of a love for my trade and for challenges and so I can draw on my creative side by realizing new ideas and projects that are always coming together in my head. Entrepreneurship also gives me a great deal of freedom to create my own way.

Why I Am a Mentor

It is little actions that change the life of a person, of a family, or of a community. In life, there are no problems, only solutions. I have the ability to make this saying resonate with the people around me. Give and you shall receive!

My Guiding Values

Empathy, altruism, philanthropy, and philosophy should be a part of our everyday vocabulary.

My Passions and Interests

Antiques and second-hand goods. I collect old toys. Family and especially my grandchildren.

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