Women and Entrepreneurship Workshops

Entrepreneurship Workshops

Before making the important decision to go into business, take an entrepreneurship workshop for information on the impact of such a decision and on business project related issues.


Workshops on a variety of topics are given by various professionals to unemployed persons and to those with unstable jobs. The approach is focused on reflection through nine weekly three-hour WORKSHOPS, six follow-up MEETINGS, and individual COACHING.

Topics Discussed

  • Self-awareness/entrepreneurial profile
  • Initiation to preliminary business plans
  • Initiation to market research
  • Basics of accounting
  • Marketing principles
  • Financial forecasts
  • Basics of taxation
  • Financing request
  • Sales strategies

Workshop Calendar

One morning a week:

*Haute-YamaskaThursdaySeptember 12 2019November 7 2019
*Brome-MissisquoiWednesdayOctober 2 2019November 26 2019
Haute-Yamaska TuesdayOctober 22 2019December 17 2019
*Haute-Yamaska Thursday January 16 2020March 12 2020
*Rouville Wednesday Febuary 5 2020April 1 2020
Haute-Yamaska Tuesday March 17 2020 May 12 2020
* Haute-Yamaska Thursday April 9 2020June 4 2020
*These workshops are designed for women entrepreneurs

Workshop follow-up meetings are held monthly. These meetings enable promoters to discuss, to share their experience, and to come up with new ideas.

For more information, contact

Caroline Larocque, entrepreneurship advisor
450 378-2294 #224

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