Mentorship: A Tool Not to Be Neglected

mentor and mentoree

According to the Quebec Entrepreneurship Index of 2017, three out of five owners close their business within five years. According to international sources, 70% of mentored owners go beyond this point. Beyond statistics, however, mentorship is an interpersonal relationship where each person benefits.

Mickael Huot is a co-founder of Solutions Ariv inc., created in October 2015 to help businesses increase their organizational performance by integrating new technologies and software to optimize their business processes. Business engineering and software, automation, and industry 4.0 are services offered by this young, dynamic business.

Mickael asked for a mentor in July 2016, not long after starting his business. How did he benefit from having a mentor? Without hesitating, he replied that he avoided mistakes. It has been one of the keys to having a flourishing and expanding business today.

“Mario listens without judging. He asks me the questions that allow me to deepen my reflection. His 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur is not to be ignored! At every meeting, I am invigorated, and I come out with the right mindset. If an athlete has a coach and an apprentice, a master, why wouldn’t an entrepreneur have a mentor?”

For Mario, a mentor since 2013, mentorship fits perfectly with his personal life mission: to contribute to the happiness of the people he frequents, through values such as respect, sharing, and balance.

“Though we can name them, our values are sometimes difficult to translate into concrete actions. For me, mentorship is the perfect tool for putting them into practice in my daily life. Mickael tries to apply the experience I share with him. I can feel it, and I can see it. It’s very rewarding for a mentor.”

Mario mentions the great respect they have for each other: “I admire his courage a great deal, a trait I had a lot less of at his age!”

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