Sylvain Fausse


Sylvain Fausse

Career and Personal Paths

I spent over 40 years in manufacturing, distribution, and consulting. I held various management positions. Throughout my career, I supported multidisciplinary teams (manufacturing, finance, material management, marketing, productivity improvement, and retail). My vast experience has been useful in that it has allowed me to help companies I worked for, including my own, progress.

Why I Became an Entrepreneur or Administrator

For my passions, to influence my destiny and that of others, to facilitate innovation, to realize my dreams and professional goals, and to meet my financial needs.

Why I Am a Mentor

I want to share my experience, thereby enabling another generation to progress by developing a relationship based on listening, sharing, and motivation.

My Guiding Values

Respect, integrity, listening, honouring my commitments, serving others, and not doing to others what I would not have done to me.

My Passions and Interests

Relationships, the well-being of my collectivity, all current events, reading, biographies, tennis, golf, physical conditioning, and travelling.

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