Réjean Morin

Réjean Morin

Réjean Morin

Career and Personal Paths

Réjean Morin has a flair for business and has led two careers—business and teaching. He has owned buildings and co-owned three establishments, including a restaurant and a convenience store. He has also co-owned a rubber factory with an industrial clientele from Quebec and Ontario and with an exclusive right to represent contract. He gained experience managing personnel and reading financial statements. His diverse fields of knowledge and extensive professional experience have made him an accomplished businessman. During his career as a high school math, chemistry, and introduction to technology teacher, this mentor was department head for some 15 years.

Why I Became an Entrepreneur or Administrator

After buying a building (12 dwellings) in 1978, I realized I had a talent for administration, and then a desire for adventure in this unfamiliar area. And so an entrepreneur was born.

Why I Am a Mentor

I have been aware for a long time that life has been good to me. I humbly believe that I have applied these talents. A natural way of thanking the universe for these gifts is simply to continue to share my experiences with the region’s young entrepreneurs, who are our future.

My Guiding Values

This mentor attentively listens to entrepreneurs and provides them with objective advice. Working methodically and taking calculated risks enables him to anticipate diverse situations calmly and efficiently. 

My Passions and Interests

Interacting with people, hiking, reading biographies, travelling, and social dancing.

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