Julie Robillard

Julie Robillard

Julie Robillard

Career and Personal Paths

It was in 1987 when Julie Robillard began her career as a photographer. A born entrepreneur, she created her first business in 1993 and oversaw the renting of rooms for workers and students. Then, she was for 16 years the owner of Retouch-Atout, a service business specialized in photo touch-ups and montages, with nearly 500 photographers and laboratories to serve. The year 2002 marked an important step in the life of Ms. Robillard, the year she took back control of the family business, Photographes RobiArt, which celebrated its 45th anniversary in 2012. Over these many years, this photographer has won several awards and trophies, which is a testament to her exceptional talent. She was the leader in new technologies for a long time and trained over 100 photographers across Canada.

Why I Became an Entrepreneur or Administrator

As I am from an entrepreneurial family, this is a way of life I acquired in childhood. The challenges, projects, and determination involved are part of my personality.

Why I Am a Mentor

Because it is natural as an entrepreneur to understand the daily challenges faced by businesses, that decision-making is important, and what it is to be autonomous.

My Guiding Values

Self-respect and respect for others, challenges, perseverance, and accomplishment.

My Passions and Interests

Living, trying, and appreciating.

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