Liette Senay

Liette Senay

Liette Senay

Career and Personal Paths

After 15 years of photography, I went back to school to study international commerce and marketing. The new skills I acquired allowed me to become general manager and partner at the Granby Express, one of Quebec’s last independent newspapers. After several years of growth, the newspaper was bought by the Canada Français press group. Once I had completed real-estate training, my spouse and I purchased a light fixture shop in downtown Granby. Owing to the expansion of our business, we bought a commercial building in Granby. Given the new market trends and my interest in e-commerce, I acquired “Google Pro” certification. I am a big fan of continued training.

Why I Became an Entrepreneur or Administrator

As a 20-year-old with a knack for marketing, I decided to buy a business in a house in Valcourt, which allowed me to live close to my family in this time of creation and provided me with a job at the same time.

Why I Am a Mentor

If my experience, knowledge, mistakes, and success can help an entrepreneur, why not share them? It is small actions that change a person’s life, a family, a community.

My Guiding Values

Integrity, authenticity, respect, and openness to others and to ideas.

My Passions and Interests

Knowledge is my passion: I enjoy reading and learning about many subjects. I enjoy cooking and having my friends and family over for good discussions. A bike ride is a gift!

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