Pierre-Paul Gingras

Paul Gingras

Pierre-Paul Gingras

Career and Personal Paths

I am trained in organizational psychology and administration and as a Lean Manufacturing leader. I oversaw the human resources strategy of a new factory of 950 employees, and I advise businesses in their realization of major and small changes. As an associate in the organization and development of a seniors’ residence, I was director general of a personal growth centre. I have also been a musician in a rock band, and I have competed in cycling.

Why I Became an Entrepreneur or Administrator

For the pleasure of designing or contributing to projects, and helping others develop and succeed. For the successive challenges this brings.

Why I Am a Mentor

To benefit from the dynamism of the youngest entrepreneurs and to help them see their potential (because we are often the last to see our own). I am very involved in the development and quality of mentoring programs in Quebec and the rest of Canada.

My Guiding Values

Business development, commitment, the search for the truth in relationships, and continuing improvement.

My Passions and Interests

Managing, mentoring, and spirituality.

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