Michel Côté

Michel Cote

Michel Côté

Career and Personal Paths

I spent my entire professional life in agriculture, more specifically in dairy farming, for over 40 years. I worked for a Swedish multinational specializing in milking equipment. I was head of a dairy equipment dealership with eight employees. I worked mainly in sales, marketing, and project consulting, planned dairy complexes, and introduced new technologies and milking robots.

Why I Became an Entrepreneur or Administrator

To satisfy my desire to share my energy with the consulting profession, with the same company, and with the translation profession. This undertaking fills up my week-ends. I can also better manage my schedules in order to spend more time with my family, which was not always easy.

Why I Am a Mentor

To share some of my experience through individual guidance to help people enjoy their experience as entrepreneurs.

My Guiding Values

Ambition, honesty, integrity, and know-how.

My Passions and Interests

Family and challenges.

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