Katherine Choinière Designer d’intérieur Inc. is much more than an interior design business.

katherine choiniere interieur designer

Katherine Choinière is a 26-year-old millennial, and those of her generation know what they want and what they have to do to get it. After earning her college diploma, she went into business in interior design. Five years later, she now has two employees: Chloé Bordereau (assistant/interior designer) and Amélie Couture (project manager/interior designer). In addition, Émilie Choinière, of Service de comptabilité Choinière, takes care of her accounting. She quickly knew that to succeed, she needed support.

Katherine explains that, contrary to popular belief, interior design goes well beyond interior decorating. Each project involves several elements: the client’s needs, such as the style and budget, the sketches, the estimates, approval of the workshop drawings for production, and the coordination of the project. Each project is unique and must be managed well.

The business focuses on commercial as well as residential projects. In fact, it is now working on Érablière Bernard’s expansion project. It also offers subcontracting (freelance) for various construction businesses, especially for the production of technical drawings in 2D and 3D.

To be well known, this young entrepreneur understood that she had to stand out. Thus, in addition to using Instagram (Katherinechoinieredesign) to promote her portfolio, Katherine tells us that she has developed contacts through Linkedln, which has led her to various projects. She is currently working with an industrial design firm in Montreal on a secret project, the details of which will be known shortly.

The business used the financial assistance from the CAE toward its expansion, enabling it to focus on business development and ensure good customer service.

Beyond the services she offers, Katherine dreams of creating and developing a furniture and accessories micro-boutique. Sketches have been drawn, a cabinet maker has been approached, and two chains have shown interest.

In a few years, no doubt, we will be able to buy a product signed Katherine Choinière Designer d’intérieur inc.!


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