Sound medical practices at home as well.

Founded in 2013, INOPRO is a business located in Cowansville and a leader in the marketing of specialized water for Quebec’s health professionals for treating wounds and preventing infections. Present in hospitals for several years, INOPRO has built a solid reputation owing to the quality of its care line and specialized sterile water. All of its products are also distributed in Quebec’s major pharmacy chains.

This business in full expansion is now looking to the Canadian market. The CAE’s contribution will help INOPRO create jobs and automatize its factory. More than 15 direct and indirect jobs will be created over the next two years. Local profits will be easily quantifiable in terms of job creation as well as regional economic development. It will also highlight Canadian know-how and creativity throughout the country. INOPRO’s products will also be available via wholesalers to facilitate access and distribution in Quebec as well as outside Quebec. For now, no strategy has been studied for the American or European markets.

The founding promoters, Marc Demers, Alain Lefebvre, and Roman Strozynski possess all the skills and qualities required for realizing their project. The promoters drew on their many years of experience in management and R & D to draw up their project. They have put in effort and invested money to set up an evidently viable and prosperous structure.

All of INOPRO’s products are entirely made in Canada. The business expects to double its production capacity once it has developed the Canadian market. Over the last few years, it has created products such as Sopuro, Irrigo, and Sterilin, and a new product for burns will be coming out soon. INOPRO’s products meet the growing needs of a clientele looking for an effective and safe solution for treating all those little daily wounds.



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